Executive Chef/Partner, Made Meals

Date: February 20, 2018
Company: mademeals
Title: Executive Chef/Partner (a.k.a. Chief Culinary Creator)
Location: Newark, NJ
Status: Partnership, full-time (equity-based)

About mademeals: mademeals is an early-stage food startup based out of Hudson County, NJ, (with our commercial kitchen in Newark, NJ). Our prepared meal delivery service is driven by a belief that food can heal our bodies, our communities and the environment. Our mission is spearheaded by our founder, Jesse, who was diagnosed with a chronic inflammatory bowel disease in 2016 and is passionate about using food to promote health and to help fix our broken food system.

By working with progressive local businesses and farms that use responsible practices, we will help busy people eat healthier and more consciously when they don’t have time to cook. We use pastured, local and mostly organic meats, sustainably caught seafood and seasonal, locally grown produce with minimal to no pesticides or herbicides.

Our meals will be delivered chilled (not frozen) in an insulated box using eco-friendly materials, so that customers just have to heat and eat their meals.

We are looking to launch between July and September of 2018, and will be serving parts of NYC and Hudson and Bergen Counties in NJ.

The Team: It is currently just our founder, Jesse, along with several consultants, (design, development, photography/videography, legal/accounting).

Jesse comes from a startup recruitment background and specializes in brand building and team-growth. After being diagnosed with his gut condition, he became passionate about using food to heal the body, which in turn heals our communities and the environment.

As a partner and ‘Chief Culinary Creator’, you will have the opportunity to lead and oversee the culinary operation in an exciting, mission-driven business.

The Role: As Chief Culinary Creator, you will be an equity partner in the business and will oversee all culinary aspects of the operation including production, recipe creation, vendor management (farms/distributors), and team growth.


  • Manage and oversee:
    • Weekly production
    • Vendor relationship management/ordering
    • Relationship building (local farms and purveyors)
  • Oversee packaging process (ultimately delegating to a Lead Packager)
  • Design and test recipes, manage menu cycle
  • Constantly tweak and improve operations and processes
  • Be a brand ambassador and enthusiast!

Role Details: In this role you will oversee the entire culinary operation. You will be in charge of executing everything to ensure customers have delicious, healthy and responsibly-sourced meals.

You will be training and managing kitchen staff brought on in partnership with re-entry programs, helping formerly incarcerated individuals who are hard-working and share a passion for our mission.

 What You Should Bring To The Table:

  • A shared passion for responsible agriculture and the impact it has on our bodies, our communities and our environment
  • Experience working with cycling seasonal menus and local farms
  • Experience leading a small kitchen team
  • Proven experience with production efficiency in a medium to high volume environment
  • A desire to help grow a business from the ground up
  • An ability to receive constructive input and adapt to ever-changing environment


  • At least a 2-year associates degree in the culinary space
  • All candidates must provide proof of eligibility to work in the United States

Why Join Us?

  • This is an opportunity to be an equity partner in an early-stage startup helping to grow and build something meaningful.
  • Our 3 day production cycle between Friday and Sunday allows for a more structured kitchen schedule than found in traditional restaurants.