New Years Resolution Roundup


We asked members of the Hudson Kitchen community to share their 2019 business resolutions. Read about how they are tackling 2019.

My resolution is to take something positive out of every obstacle that comes my way.  It is not always smooth sailing in the dessert business, whether its a batch of cookies that doesn't come out just quite right, or an unhappy customer, things unfortunately will not always be easy. Rather than get down on myself, I want to use the challenges to further motivate myself.  
— Noelle Lukenda, Sweet Treats by Noelle

For 2019, I want to add to my extended family through social media, sharing my joy of baking and highlighting diverse baked goods. Lessons I've learned in 2018 which I'll carry into next year are:

1. Life is about utilizing your gifts to bring happiness to others. Many have shared how my journey inspired them.
2. Trials are temporary but baking brings me lasting joy. My trials taught me to trust and accept help from others.
3. Enjoy times with friends and family because life is short. Every moment together is precious.

My customers are my extended family who encourage and inspire me daily. Without them, I wouldn't have come this far.The sky's the limit!
— Judith Smith Parrott, Judith’s Dessert Boutique

My resolutions for Keeping You Sweet will be to build a stronger team to support the growth of the business and to participate in trade shows.  As a socialpreneur, I also want to expand our open hire program to include more employees that are challenged to find traditional employment because of their background.  
—April Harris-Holmes, Keeping You Sweet

My goal for the new year is to keep working towards building a business I can be proud of—one that provides excellent products, fosters a welcoming and warm environment, and grows deeply versus broadly to build opportunity for other female entrepreneurs and those with employment challenges.
— Sonia Winesett, The Pie Social

I am throwing the “box” out the window! I plan to continue to think creatively, collaborate with other businesses & push the boundaries to find new ways to grow while continuing to strengthen the foundation of my business. — Dawn Pascale, Om Sweet Home Specialty Bakery