Coming Fall 2019: Kitchen and Storage Rental
Culinary Business Workshops • Networking Events
Food Business Bootcamp

Hudson Kitchen builds community and fosters growth for budding entrepreneurs because we know food means business, and business drives transformation. We provide access to a 24/7 shared kitchen and storage space, mentorship, networking events, workshops, and training through our Food Business Bootcamp.


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Our facility will suit the needs of bakers, meal delivery services, caterers, specialty product makers and food trucks + more. Find out about our facilities, membership options, and amenities.

Table Talk Blog
Explore our blog to find inspiration from entrepreneurs just like you, get business advice through articles by food business professionals, and learn about industry trends. 


Food Business Bootcamp
Learn directly from industry experts who will share the tools and strategies needed to move your food idea from concept to reality.

Events & Workshops
Our events and workshops connect startup and seasoned food entrepreneurs with industry experts to celebrate successes, tackle challenges and explore opportunities for growth.




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